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RE: spoon-discuss: Re: spoon-business: GremBall

It doesn't have to be down, only unusable.  There are any number of ways one can deliberately make babelfish unusable.  

1)  Add a bogus static route to babelfish to your system.

2)  Add babelfish to the "Paranoid Parent" exclusion list on your system.

3)  If you're behind a proxy firewall, tell your browser to bypass the proxy for

Et cetera.  And all perfectly legal by the letter of the rule.  Not especially sportsmanlike, but legal.

Moreover, if you want to get really unsportsmanlike, check out the tip of the day from babelfish:  "Tip: If you do not want a word to be translated add a x on each side of it. Eg: I love xPinkx xFloydx"

So, I can put in "xIx xcatchx xthex xPIGx." and the E->K->E path gives back "xIx xcatchx xthex }xpigx{."

Not really in the spirit of the rule, but legal.


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> Be honest - was babelfish actually down at the time?
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