Alex Truelsen on 10 Feb 2002 03:54:37 -0000

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Re: spoon-discuss: Re: spoon-business: GremBall

-Iyay abuseyay ayay oopholelay inyay ethay Ushisay uleray otay atchcay
Uigilay ilewhay illstay eingbay understandableyay. Iyay ovemay otay (3, 11). Iyay etsay Uigilay onyay irefay ithway ethay ursedcay owerspay ofyay ethay Ursedcay Ushisay andyay owthray Uigilay atyay ethay Yetiay otay eesay fyay atthay awsthay oldyay ice-buttyay. Uigilay avelstray oughthray (4-18, 10) onyay ishay ayway otay (19, 10) andyay etssay irefay otay everythingyay inyay osethay uaressqay, includingyay Ongenitalcay Optimistyay andyay ethay Ingkay Emlingray. Oopsieyay, Iyay upposesay. Enthay Iyay etsay irefay otay Otmorfglay orfay oodgay easuremay.


Be honest - was babelfish actually down at the time?

Rob Speer

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