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Re: spoon-discuss: Re: Breather

On 2/8/02 at 9:41 AM Tyler Crosby wrote:

>>From: "Donald Whytock" <dwhytock@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>>Reply-To: spoon-discuss@xxxxxxxxx
>>To: spoon-discuss@xxxxxxxxx
>>Subject: spoon-discuss: Re: Breather
>>Date: Fri, 08 Feb 2002 01:30:51 -0500
>>On 2/8/02 at 1:00 AM Tyler Crosby wrote:
>> >5) And finally, the proposal which will get me back on Dave's good side
>> >after all that and give us some time to catch our collective breath:
>> >
>> >{{
>> >__Ahh....__
>> >
>> >Create a new rule entitled __A Breather__ with the following -0-
>> >text:
>> >
>> >-0-
>> >At the beginning of every nweek, the following things shall occur in
>> >immediately:
>> >
>> >1)The following () delimited paragraph shall be appended to the end of
>> >rule
>> >3/4:
>> >()
>> >While the Clock is Off, Judgements may be passed and enacted on current
>> >CFJs.
>> >()
>> >
>> >2)The Clock will be turned Off.
>> >
>> >When the Watch reads 1 wweek, the following things shall occur in order
>> >immediately:
>> >
>> >1)The final paragraph of rule 3/5 shall be deleted.
>> >
>> >2)The Clock will be turned On.
>> >
>> >3)This rule will repeal itself.
>> >-0-
>> >
>> >[[The purpose of this is to give Dave some time to effectively make all
>> >the
>> >changes to his DB and the website without being overwhelmed by Real Life
>> >(TM) and without us piling on more stuff...  It also gives us a little
>> >break
>> >time and an opportunity to clear up any outstanding CFJs we have...
>> >is
>> >really a good idea folks, think about it.  Do it for Mr.
>> >}}
>>Automatic rule changes make more work for Mr. A because he's the one who
>>has to implement them by hand. :)  Why not instead add a rule that says
>>A can turn The Clock off any time he wants to for up to seven days, so
>>he can catch up with stuff?
>>						Glotmorf
>In this case it's a non-issue, because it won't really matter if he
>the web page while the Clock is off, as the changes are just going to undo
>themselves anyway.  And the change is important, because without it, we
>could not judge CFJs while the Clock is off because only those actions
>specifically allowed by the rules may take place then.  It seemed to me
>this would be the best way to accomplish that.
>-0- Thus Spake The Voice -0-

So...every nweek there will be a seven-day pause in which we can do nothing but chat and CFJ?  Whether or not Mr. A wants or needs or actually makes use of the time?

While I don't necessarily want to chain Mr. A to the Nomiculator and force him to work for us, I'd rather the game not be slowed down at a flat rate when it may not be necessary.  Besides which, if we vote for something Truly Draconian that makes him hole up and code for a while (and he doesn't veto with his feet), a week might not cut it.

I still think it'd be simpler and better for Mr. A to be able to turn the Clock off whenever he needed to.  Modify the Clock rule to allow for judgments on CFJs to be submitted, if you think such a thing can't wait for the Clock to be fact, do that anyway, so that if a CFJ turns out to be critical Mr. A can turn off the Clock until it gets judged.