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Re: spoon-discuss: Re: Breather

From: "Donald Whytock" <dwhytock@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: spoon-discuss: Re: Breather
Date: Fri, 08 Feb 2002 01:30:51 -0500

On 2/8/02 at 1:00 AM Tyler Crosby wrote:

>5) And finally, the proposal which will get me back on Dave's good side
>after all that and give us some time to catch our collective breath:
>Create a new rule entitled __A Breather__ with the following -0- delimited
>At the beginning of every nweek, the following things shall occur in order
>1)The following () delimited paragraph shall be appended to the end of
>While the Clock is Off, Judgements may be passed and enacted on current
>2)The Clock will be turned Off.
>When the Watch reads 1 wweek, the following things shall occur in order
>1)The final paragraph of rule 3/5 shall be deleted.
>2)The Clock will be turned On.
>3)This rule will repeal itself.
>[[The purpose of this is to give Dave some time to effectively make all
>changes to his DB and the website without being overwhelmed by Real Life
>(TM) and without us piling on more stuff...  It also gives us a little
>time and an opportunity to clear up any outstanding CFJs we have...  This
>really a good idea folks, think about it.  Do it for Mr. Administrator.]]

Automatic rule changes make more work for Mr. A because he's the one who has to implement them by hand. :) Why not instead add a rule that says Mr. A can turn The Clock off any time he wants to for up to seven days, so that he can catch up with stuff?


In this case it's a non-issue, because it won't really matter if he updates the web page while the Clock is off, as the changes are just going to undo themselves anyway. And the change is important, because without it, we could not judge CFJs while the Clock is off because only those actions specifically allowed by the rules may take place then. It seemed to me that this would be the best way to accomplish that.

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