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spoon-discuss: Re: spoon-business: New Rule Proposal: An Offer You Can't Refuse

Quoth Donald Whytock,

> {{ _An Offer You Can't Refuse_
> Create a new rule:
> {{ _Luigi the Gremlin_
> There exists a Gremlin known as Luigi.  Luigi begins existence with 100
> points.
> Players can borrow points from Luigi, on a first-come-first-serve basis, up to
> the total number of points Luigi posesses.  The number of points a Player owes
> Luigi is recorded in an Attribute called Debt.  A Player cannot borrow from
> Luigi if e has a nonzero Debt.
> At the beginning of each nweek after the nweek in which the Player borrowed
> from Luigi, eir Debt increases by 20% in interest, rounded up.
> A Player with nonzero Debt can repay Luigi at any time as a game Action by
> transferring points to Luigi; eir Debt is reduced accordingly.
> If a Player repays eir debt in the same nweek e borrowed the points, no
> interest is charged.
> At the end of an nweek, if a Player has failed to repay at least the current
> nweek's Interest, Luigi takes eir points up to the Debt amount (or all if eir
> points are less than the Debt amount), applies these taken points to the Debt,
> and Breaks a Limb.  The number of Broken Limbs a Player has is recorded in an
> Attribute called Broken Limbs.  Each Broken Limb reduces the number of
> proposals a Player may participate in the creation of by one.
> Broken Limbs Heal at the rate of one per nweek, starting with the second
> consecutive nweek in which the Player did not get an additional Limb Broken,
> until all Limbs are Healed or more Limbs are Broken.
> }}
> [[Note that there is no limit to the number of Limbs that can be Broken;
> nothing in the Rules says that game object known as a Player has to be
> anatomically human.  Also, trying to win by borrowing from Luigi probably
> isn't a good idea...sure, you'd score the win, and then your points get set to
> zero, and then Luigi comes to collect...Though if you're stuck at zero points
> and zero proposals, the Scoring Gremlin should take pity on you.]]
> }}

Luigi shouldn't be a Gremlin for two reasons: 1) He doesn't have conditions
for becoming Active and Hiding, which is the only thing right now that
distinguishes Gremlins from other entities, and 2) He doesn't have a name of
the form "the **** Gremlin", where **** is a string of at least 1
alphanumeric character.

Also, I'm not entirely sure I understand what Luigi does. It looks like he
takes back however many points you borrowed at the end of each nweek, so why
is there interest? And if someone loses lots o' points and can't pay Luigi
back, and gets ten or eleven Limbs Broken, e won't be able to make proposals
and therefore won't be able to gain more points. This proposal, when used in
conjunction with anything that could decrease a player's score, could
eliminate someone from the proposal part of the game completely.

Recruit today night it feels.