Wonko on 23 Jan 2002 19:27:08 -0000

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Re: spoon-discuss: Re: spoon-business: Ballot, nweek 5

Quoth Donald Whytock,

> On 1/23/02 at 12:58 PM Eric Gerlach wrote:
>> On Wed, 23 Jan 2002, Donald Whytock wrote:
>>>> Proposal 276/2:We Can Only See Shadows On the Wall (Bean)
>>> No
>>> [[Sorry, Bean...no word from Mr. A. at this writing.  I liked 276 better
>> than 275, but I can't vote for 276 with that typo in place.]]
>> No, it's a good call on your part.  Now, a question because we seem to be
>> in unusual times right now, would you change your vote to YES if the
>> correction is recognised?  I'm willing to take your proxy for the sole
>> purpose of changing your vote on 276 if the correction is recognised.
>> Bean
> I'm sure I check my email at least as frequently as you do. :)  There's an
> interesting question embedded in there, though: could a conditional vote be
> submitted?  "If {condition set x} is true, then vote yes; else if {condition
> set y} is true, then vote no; else abstain"?
> Glotmorf
It's not forbidden, so I think it must be permitted. As long as Mr. A. knows
what you mean, it should work fine with simple things like 'If a correction
is recognized, vote YES'. What worries me, though, is what might happen if
someone does something like 'If at least 50% of all players vote yes on this
proposal, vote Yes.' If everyone submitted a statement like that, it would
be impossible to tell which way the masses voted.

Recruit today night it feels.