Donald Whytock on 24 Jan 2002 04:57:12 -0000

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Re: spoon-discuss: Re: spoon-business: New Rule Proposal: An Offer You Can't Refuse

On 1/23/02 at 2:39 PM Wonko wrote:
>Luigi shouldn't be a Gremlin for two reasons: 1) He doesn't have conditions
>for becoming Active and Hiding, which is the only thing right now that
>distinguishes Gremlins from other entities, and 2) He doesn't have a name
>the form "the **** Gremlin", where **** is a string of at least 1
>alphanumeric character.

Yeah, I thought about the Active and Hiding part after I'd submitted the rule.  How about if he starts the game Active and goes into Hiding when no one owes him anything and he has no points to lend?

As for the name, I could have called him the Loan Shark Gremlin, but it seemed too simple, and I was trying to be cute.  But hey, you're right, that's the rule...

>Also, I'm not entirely sure I understand what Luigi does. It looks like he
>takes back however many points you borrowed at the end of each nweek, so
>is there interest?

Luigi only takes back points if points haven't been repayed.  Repayment is a deliberate action on the part of the indebted player; if it's not done, Luigi collects his way.

>And if someone loses lots o' points and can't pay Luigi
>back, and gets ten or eleven Limbs Broken, e won't be able to make
>and therefore won't be able to gain more points. This proposal, when used
>conjunction with anything that could decrease a player's score, could
>eliminate someone from the proposal part of the game completely.

Yeah.  Bitch, ain't it?

Maybe something will come along to help out players who can't make the Scoring Gremlin, or the Grid.  Or the Immunity Idol, to keep Luigi away.  Or said player can become a professional Kick in the Ass provider.  Etcetera.

It's sort of a "Let the player beware" thang.  There may be times when it'd be worth the risk to borrow points from Luigi.  But it shouldn't be done lightly, because the penalties can be severe.