Wonko on 23 Jan 2002 19:53:52 -0000

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spoon-discuss: The King Gremlin

This is a proposal I'm considering making. It's not a full proposal yet
(note the single { } instead of the double), but I'm wondering if anyone
likes it and if it might convince people to vote for the Witch Gremlin,
since this allows someone to stop the Witch (though it zaps you for 5 as it
goes). I'm also annoyed that the Proposal Eating Gremlin, whose name I think
should be the Proposal Ingesting Gremlin so we can call it the PIG, is about
to eat one of my proposals, and I want to be able to Repress it too.

__Help! Help! I'm being repressed!__

Create a new rule:
__The violence inherent in the system__

There exists a Gremlin called the King Gremlin. If the King Gremlin is
Active, any player may pay 5+5*(the second Gremlin Number) points to Bribe
the King Gremlin. When the King Gremlin is Bribed, it Represses an Active
Gremlin of the Bribing player's choice. When a Gremlin is Repressed, it goes
into hiding and may not become Active again for at least 4 ndays unless it
is UnRepressed. This rule takes precedence over all rules which define when
Gremlins may become Active.

If the King Gremlin is Repressed, all other Gremlins are UnRepressed and the
player who Bribed the King Gremlin loses 8 points.

If at any time at least 2/3 of all Gremlins other than the King Gremlin are
Hiding, the King Gremlin goes into Hiding. If at any time at least 2/3 of
all Gremlins other than the King Gremlin are Active, the King Gremlin
becomes Active.

Amend the rule entitled "The Witch Gremlin" to add the following << >>
delimited text:
<< >>
If the Witch Gremlin is Repressed, all Cursed players cease to be Cursed,
and the player who Bribed the King Gremlin loses 5 points.
<< >>

Replace the text of rule 261 with the following HUNGRY delimited text:
There is a Gremlin named the "Proposal Ingesting Gremlin", or PIG.

If the PIG is Active then one second before the votes of the ballot are
counted the PIG will eat the kth proposal on the ballot, as listed when sent
out by the Adminstrator, where k is equal to the nth Gremlin number, where n
is the number of proposals on the ballot.

Any proposal which is eaten by the PIG is immediately removed from the
ballot and has no effect.

If a Ballot is issued with fewer than 12 proposals on it, the PIG goes into
Hiding. At the beginning of each nweek, the PIG becomes Active.

    The Proposal Eating Gremlin ate one of my proosals. I'm annoyed. So,
let's be able to Repress it. Then I'll be happy. I also thought that it
might make things easier if the PEG were called the PIG, for humor's sake,
and wouldn't eat off of small ballots. Finally, this limits the power of the
Witch Gremlin as any player can pay a moderate number of points to Repress
the Curse Gremlin.

There are no stupid questions; just stupid people.