Donald Whytock on 7 Jan 2002 03:15:34 -0000

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Re: spoon-discuss: Re: spoon-business: nweek 3 results

On 1/6/02 at 5:21 PM Wonko wrote:

>> (Remember the "Bandwidth Rationing" proposal is now in effect. No more
>> than three proposals for the next ballot. Wonko, sit back, relax, you've
>> already hit your limit.)
>The Bandwith Rationing rule limits me to 3 proposals per nweek, not per
>ballot. The earlier three I made were proposed last nweek, so I believe I
>can make three more this nweek.

I think you're right.  Rule 23 defines the ballot as those proposals that were recognized after the start of the prior voting period.  So that would include proposals made during the prior nweek that weren't part of the prior ballot.  Which means you'd get six this nweek, and three every nweek thereafter.

In an only loosely related question, can one make a proposal that's specifically not for the current nweek's ballot?  Could I, say, make three proposals for nweek 6 this nweek, three for nweek 6 next nweek, and three during nweek 6, and have a total of nine proposals on nweek 6's ballot?

>Also, Rule 4/3:Versions and Revision Numbers states that:
>Every modification to a revisable object that does not eliminate it from
>play creates a new version of it.
>Doesn't that mean that amending proposals counts towards the 3 prop/week

No, proposals carry their amendability with them, according to Rule 19.  Therefore, amending a proposal is a game action.

>And lastly, if a proposal is rescinded, does it still count as one of the
>three? (i.e., could somebody propose 3, rescind 1, and propose a new one?)

Well, the Administrator left rescinded proposals in the proposal list, along with their serial numbers.  But consider that you can totally replace the text (and, I suppose, title) of a proposal, which in effect would make it a totally different proposal, yet not be an additional one.