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Re: spoon-discuss: Re: spoon-business: nweek 3 results

on 1/6/02 10:12 PM, Donald Whytock at dwhytock@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> In an only loosely related question, can one make a proposal that's
> specifically not for the current nweek's ballot?  Could I, say, make three
> proposals for nweek 6 this nweek, three for nweek 6 next nweek, and three
> during nweek 6, and have a total of nine proposals on nweek 6's ballot?

I believe the rules say that each Ballot shall contain all proposals issued
since the beginning of the last Voting period, so anything you propose
during an nweek goes on that nweek's Ballot. You could, however, propose no
proposals for one Ballot and propose your three proposals during the Voting
Period, in which case you could get six proposals the next Ballot, but it
would mean putting nothing on the first Ballot.