Joel Uckelman on 3 Oct 2000 01:46:33 -0000

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Re: spoon-discuss: new lists

Quoth Jeff Schroeder:
> Hmmm.
> According to Rule 112:
> "Fora are the means by which Players communicate. All Fora are either 
> public or private. A Player using a Forum is considered to be "in" that 
> Forum at the time of its use. Actions may be taken only in public Fora, 
> unless otherwise specified in the Rules."
> This is the only rule concerning actions in Fora and I do not see any 
> differentiation between the discuss list and the business list in the rules 
> as they are both public Fora.  Therefore, just to be an ass, I won't send 
> any mail to the business list.  :)
> j

Rule 218 deals with the designation of fora as public or private, here 
quoted in its relevant parts:

"The Administrator may designate a Forum public if it is reasonably 
accessible to all Players. . . . Only the Administrator may redesignate 

And Rule 219:

"If at any time there exist no public Fora, the Administrator shall take 
such steps as are necessary to designate one. Designation of a Forum as 
public when there are no extant public Fora need not [[and cannot!]] be 
done publicly."

In the first message I sent to the business list, I reported the 
designation of spoon-business@xxxxxxxxx as a public forum, in accord with 
R218 and R219. This designation is not enshrined in the rules because the 
rules concerning fora not only do not require it to be so, but explicitly 
provide a process for changing the publicity(?) of a forum.

So, any actions sent to the discussion list need not be recognized because 
they are not public. Go ahead and send actions to the discussion list if 
you want, but the rules seem to require everyone to ignore them.


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