Jeff Schroeder on 2 Oct 2000 05:56:30 -0000

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Re: spoon-discuss: new lists


According to Rule 112:
"Fora are the means by which Players communicate. All Fora are either public or private. A Player using a Forum is considered to be "in" that Forum at the time of its use. Actions may be taken only in public Fora, unless otherwise specified in the Rules."

This is the only rule concerning actions in Fora and I do not see any differentiation between the discuss list and the business list in the rules as they are both public Fora. Therefore, just to be an ass, I won't send any mail to the business list. :)


As for replies, the Reply-To headers for both lists are set to
spoon-discuss, so you can't accidentally send a reply to the business list.
As for sending business to the discussion list... well, you'll be heckled
by everyone and the action will never be recognized. C'est la vie.

Oh, my actions WILL be recognized!  muhahahaha <evil laugh>