Dan Waldron on 2 Oct 2000 05:55:06 -0000

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spoon-discuss: Re: spoon-business: request for judgement

I'm too tired to go look this up in the ruleset (it's 2 AM), but could
someone check and see if non-players can request judgements?

In the meantime, I desire to become a player.  You can all call me DW by
my initials.


On Sun, 1 Oct 2000, Andrew Proescholdt wrote:

> I request a judgement on the following statement:
> Those that have declared emselves players are not players.
> Analysis:
> Since rule 105 prohibits people from making emselves Agents, and rule 209
> requires an entity to be an Agent before making emself a Player, those that
> have declared emselves players are not players.  [[And, among other things,
> I probably can't make this RFJ.]]
> 209 states:
> During the first nweek of play, any Agent otherwise qualified as a Player
> may become one by publicly declaring eir desire to be so.
> 105 states:
> An Agent is an entity capable of action. The status of entities as Agents
> may be altered only as specified in the rules. An entity may cause emself
> to lose eir Agency, but may not, solely on eir own authority become an Agent.