Mark Walsh on Fri, 26 Jan 2007 18:22:24 -0700 (MST)

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[s-b] Triller Votes

Looks like the Wiki's down, so I'm not sure if
I'm too late, but here goes.

I vote thusly:

61 Game Actions... FOR
62 Ruletag Typos   AGAINST
the target phrase is in rule 4-4.
63 Tidiness    FOR
64 Time Defs Pr...  FOR  
65 Currency    AGAINST
no option to decline receipt of currency given
66 Ruletag Typos   AGAINST 
67 Devices    AGAINST
again no provision to decline receipt
68 More Elections    FOR
69 Becoming the...   AGAINST
looks like by 3-3, there's got to be an election
70 Crazy Eddie'...    AGAINST
71 Emps    AGAINST
72 Shampoo   AGAINST
73 Quick RTO Fix    FOR
74 Zombies, Part 1    AGAINST
improperly delimited
75 Thrids  R...    AGAINST
defines the first thrid twice
76 Ocularities Fix    FOR
77 Better Elect...    FOR
78 Rule Tag on ...   FOR
79 Belle of the...    FOR
80 How's This G...   FOR
81 Zeroth Take 2    FOR
82 Points cleanup  AGAINST

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