Mark Walsh on Fri, 26 Jan 2007 18:22:25 -0700 (MST)

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[s-b] Answering Consultation #1

I answer Consultation #1 thusly:

>Antonio writes:
> I submit the following Consultation(s):
> {
> is it correct for Peter to assign himself 10 points for being the rule 
> tag moderator on a day different from nday 1 ?
> }

==== Reasoning of Priest ====

First of all, the Player Peter is entitled to receive any
and all Points due him for whatever. No Rule states
That the Object The Administrator overlooked the
entitlement on nday 1 is irrelevant. The Administrator
merely corrected the oversight in eir 115.5 update.

Rule 3-3 states:
5) The "awards": recompense that the PHD receives.
Unless the rule defining the post says otherwise, this
is 10 points per week, paid at the start of n-day 1. 

Rule 4-4 states:
Award: 10 points per week. 

Now, since a Rule does state otherwise, the text of
Rule 4-4 overrides the nday 1 requirement of Rule 3-3.
Additionally, if taken literally, as of now, Peter, as PHD
of  Rule Tag Moderator is entitled to 30 Points. I won't
go into the additional 20 Points for Oracle since that isn't
the issue at hand.

Lastly, Rule 4-4 doesn't state when in the week the 10
Points are awarded; only that they are.
Therefore Rule 3-3 is satisfied if the Points are awarded.

I answer TRUE (meaning YES, as Wonko pointed out).
It is correct for The Administrator to assign the Player
Peter 10 Points on a nday different than nday 1. 
The week/nweek problem was also not addressed 
specifically in this consultation.


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