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Re: [s-b] [s-d] 115.9 Administrator's Update; Voting Starts

Antonio Dolcetta wrote:
 > Are you sure 66 and 62 are different proposals ?
 >> [[It'd make my job a lot easier if there were a way for people to
 >> create/amend their proposal pages themselves while still notifying the
 >> business list.]]
 > I don't see why we can't just start doing this.

/* Actually, why not just declare the proposals section of the wiki a 
public forum, perhaps one limited to only Game Actions which are either 
creating or amending proposals? */

I propose:
{{ __filter (liftM2 (||) isProp isAmendProp)__

Amend rule 1-9 to read:
A Forum is any External Force that allows Outsiders to communicate. Each 
forum may be designated as one of the terms Private, Public, Limited 
Public, or Discussion. All Fora are initially Private.

A Limited Public Forum has a Limitation associated with it, which is a 
statement restricting what Game Actions will be recognized on it. 
Communication on a Limited Public Forum satisfying the Limitation is 
considered the same as communication of a Public Forum. Any other 
communication on a Limited Public Forum is considered the same as 
communication on a Discussion Forum.

Make the set of articles on the B Nomic Wiki 
( under 
Category:Proposals a Limited Public Forum, with the limitation that only 
proposal submission, amendment, and revocation shall be recognized.

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