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[s-b] 115.9 Administrator's Update; Voting Starts

Whew. A lot of activity in the past few days...

Optional proposes "ruletag typos" (p66).
Optional proposes "Devices" (p67).
Antonio amends "Tidiness" (p63).
Antonio proposes "more elections" (p68).
Antonio proposes "becoming the oracle" (p69).
Antonio amends "more elections" (p68).
Optional amends "Devices" (p67).
Optional proposes "Crazy Eddie's House Of Fun" (p70).
Comex proposes "Emps" (p71).
Comex proposes "Shampoo" (p72).
Optional amends "Currency" (p65).
Comex amends "Shampoo" (p72).
Optional amends "Crazy Eddie's House Of Fun" (p70).
Optional proposes "quick RTO fix" (p73).
Comex proposes "Zombies, Part I" (p74).
Comex proposes "thrids for ruletag" (p75).
Hobojoe joins the game. Welcome!
Antonio amends "more elections" (p68).
Antonio proposes "oraculatities fix" (p76).
Antonio amends "more elections" (p68).
Comex amends "Zombies, Part I" (p74).
Antonio proposes "better elections" (p77).
Wonko proposes "Rule Tag on the High Seas" (p78).
Triller proposes "Belle of The Ball" (p79).
Triller proposes "How's This Grab You" (p80).
Triller proposes "Zeroth Take 2" (p81).

[[It'd make my job a lot easier if there were a way for people to
create/amend their proposal pages themselves while still notifying the
business list.]]

All Pending Proposals become Open.

View the proposals at

I'll deal with Oracle and Rule Tag a bit later.

It is currently nweek 115, nday 9.

Peter C.
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