Antonio Dolcetta on Sun, 21 Jan 2007 16:02:12 -0700 (MST)

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[s-b] antonio votes

my votes:

[[61]] Game Actions Update   AGAINST (adds nothing)
[[62]] Ruletag Typos ABSTAIN
[[63]] Tidyness  FOR
[[64]] Time Defs  FOR
[[65]] Currency AGAINST (i think it's broken, if i vote against it i  
wont feel as guilty abusing it)
[[66 (62 bis)]] Ruletag Typos FOR
[[67]] Devices FOR
[[68]] More Elections  FOR
[[69]] Becoming the Oracle  FOR
[[70]] Crazy Eddie's House of Fun  AGAINST (i just realized it does  
not assign the punter property to any object, also it's basically  
just more stuff for the admin to do)
[[71]] Emps  FOR (bribery! always been a fan )
[[72]] Shampoo  FOR (if currency passes, i'll sure need this)
[[73]] Quick RTO fix  FOR
[[74 top half]] Zombies pt I  FOR
[[74 bottom half]] Points cleanup  FOR
[[75]] Thrids for ruletag AGAINST until the post holder has a chance  
to speak
[[76]] Ocularities Fix FOR
[[77]] Better Elections  FOR
[[78]] Rule Tag on the High Seas  FOR
[[79]] Belle of the Ball  FOR
[[80]] How's This Grab You  FOR
[[81]] Zeroth Take 2  AGAINST

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