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[s-b] Amending "Shampoo" (was: Re: Amended proposal "currency")

On Wednesday 17 January 2007 5:51, shadowfirebird@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> That puts me in a vintage 1933 quandry with sable trim.
They're in separate proposals, actually.

> BTW I'm not sure about making all rules DOOs.  Just making the shampoo
> device an RTO is enough to make the rule work, isn't it?

I mixed up rule tag location with possession... hmm... you're right.

I amend "Shampoo":
[[ Removed the rules-are-DOOs, generalized ]]
Create a new rule, titled "Shampoo":
Rule Tag Devices (RTDs) are Game Objects that are devices, device owner 
objects, and rule tag objects.  A RTD's owner is always the object in 
possession of it if there is one, and itself if not.

There is an RTD named "Shampoo" with the power:
* Effect: The owner may exchange any currency's exchange rate, in that 
currency, for one point.
* Conditions: E has at least the exchange rate in that currency.
* Trigger: The owner makes a game action specifying the currency to exchange.

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