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Re: [s-b] Amended proposal "currency"

On Tuesday 16 January 2007 1:44, shadowfirebird@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> or the amount of eir elephants cannot go up, then nothing happens.

Shouldn't this be generalized to any currency?  

Anyway, I submit the following, titled "Emps":
Depends: "Currency"
Create a new rule, titled "Emps":
There is a currency named emps.  There is an attribute "emps" with a scope of 
all currency owning objects (COOs), a range of integers, and a default value 
of 0.  emps has an exchange rate of 1.  If a COO gives an integer amount of 
emps to a player, the latter's emps does not increase, but e instead gains 
one point for each two emps given.

Also, this, titled "Shampoo":
Depends: "Currency", "Devices"
In the rule titled "devices", replace {{All players are device owner 
objects.}} with {{All players and rules are device owner objects.}}. 

Create a new rule, titled "Shampoo":
There is an object named "Shampoo", which is a Unique device, a device owner 
object, and a rule tag object.  Its owner is always its rule tag location if 
the latter is a device owner object, and itself if not.  It has a power:
* Effect: The owner may exchange any currency's exchange rate, in that 
currency, for one point.
* Conditions: E has at least the exchange rate in that currency.
* Trigger: The owner makes a game action specifying the currency to exchange.

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