Peter Cooper Jr. on Tue, 16 Jan 2007 18:43:10 -0700 (MST)

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[s-b] 115.5 Administrator's Update

Brett proposes "Game Actions Update" (p61).
Optional proposes "ruletag typos" (p62).
Antonio proposes "Tidiness" (p63).
Antonio proposes "time defs proposal" (p64).
Optional proposes and amends "Currency" (p65).

I guess I'll deal with all rule tag actions at the end of the nweek,
especially as it appears that players can change their mind on each
type of action and only the last one counts. (I think there's also an
interesting strategy of posting one message to the public forum but
then sending the Rule Tag Moderator a different message, in order to
mislead people as to what action you're doing.)

Since I was Rule Tag Moderator last week (not nweek), I gain 10
points. I assume this doesn't require it to be on nday 1 as rule 3-3
states, due to rule 4-4 saying otherwise.

Since I was Oracle last week, and there was an nday 1 that week, I
gain 10 points by rule 3-3 as the rule defining Oracle doesn't say

(And these two paragraphs are obviously just my opinion about the
current rules, obviously in a way that favors me. I wouldn't mind if
somebody challenged them.)

The clock is on.
It is currently nday 5 (Corvette) of nweek 115, in the Third Era of B Nomic.
The ndelay is 0.

(And I haven't read -discuss much this nweek yet, although I hope to soon.)

Peter C.
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