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Re: [s-b] 115.5 Administrator's Update

> Since I was Rule Tag Moderator last week (not nweek), I gain 10
> points. I assume this doesn't require it to be on nday 1 as rule 3-3
> states, due to rule 4-4 saying otherwise.

Well, it seems to me that that is a perfectly valid way of reading the
rules.  But there is another equally valid way of reading them.

At the moment there is no advantage in one reading over the other; you
get 10 points per nweek.  It doesn't really matter when, at least, it
doesn't matter at the moment.

For the record, you can also read it like this:

"Unless the rule defining the post says otherwise, this is 10 points
per week, paid at the start of n-day 1."

Therefore, since the rule defining the post doesn't say, you get paid on nday 1.

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