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[s-b] Proposal: Devices

Proposal: Devices.

Create a new rule "devices":
A "device" is a type of game object.

A "device owner object", or DOO, is a type of game object that may own
devices.  All players are device owner objects.

There is an attribute "device owner": scope is all devices; range is
all device owner objects.  The default value is defined when the
device is defined.  The "owner" of any given device is the value of
the device owner attribute of that device (that is, the owner is the
DOO that the attribute points to).

A device is either "unique" or "non-unique". There cannot be more than
one of each unique device in the game at any given time.  When a
non-unique device is defined, the definition must state how many such
devices exist.

A device may have powers.  Each power consists of an "effect" - what
happens when the power is used; "conditions" - things that must be
true for the effect to take place; and optionally a "trigger" -
something that must happen to trigger the effect.  The rule or rules
defining a device detail the powers associated with it.

If there is any ambiguity or room for choice within the rules, then
the owner of a device decides what happens when that device is

The owner of a device may transfer ownership to another DOO.  If the
owner is a player, then this is done via a game action - the player
declares who/what the new owner is.  If the owner is not a player,
then the rules must explicity state under what circumstances ownership
changes and exactly what happens.   In both cases the owner attribute
changes to the new DOO.
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