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[s-b] [auto] Wonko submits p2022

Wonko has submitted a new proposal, p2022.

Proposal 2022/0: Dead Man Walking
A Standard Proposal by Wonko
Last modified on nweek 81, nday 8

Create 4 copies of the following card in the deck:
__Red Shirt__

Image: A red Star-Trek uniform with numerous smoking holes in it.

Body: As long as this card is in your hand, if a card played by another player would cause you to discard cards, or would cause cards in your hand to move to a different hand, then all copies of Red Shirt in your hand are moved or discarded instead. When you play this card, you may choose any other player. This card is moved to that player's hand. That player may not play this card. At the first Checkpoint after 5 ndays have elapse from when you played the card, this card is discarded, unless another card has caused it to be discarded or moved since then.

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