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[s-b] [auto] Glotmorf votes

Glotmorf's votes:
Proposal 2007/0: More Duties                              : Yes
...Though consider clarifying the wording to state that the degree of "up to" is determined by the Hapless Friend.

Proposal 2015/0: A use for seals                          : Shelve
I'd rather not see a bunch of seals whose meaning I don't remember, as opposed to actually informative text.  I understand the idea of "rubber stamping", but unless you're planning on a one-character seal, I don't see how it would be that much less work to type in your seal than to type in the name of your ministry.  If you're cutting and pasting the seal, you can cut and paste the text too.  I suppose I'd vote for this if the seal included the ministry name.

Proposal 2016/0: Water goes away                          : Yes
Proposal 2017/0: King For a Day                           : No
This sort of thing was considered early on, both before and after my brief rule of the game.  Most people objected to the idea of too much actual power in one person's hands (there's Imperial Nomic if one really wants that sort of thing) and what this prop describes is an awful lot of power.  Perhaps if said Avatar-determined king only had power over arena matters, arena rules, etc. (whatever happened to rulebooks?), I might at least abstain.

Proposal 2018/1: Witchcraft                               : Shelve
The proposal doesn't say anything about integer values.  Do we really want to start working with probabilities of 1.05/6? (Yes, we can do this by shifting to the left of the decimal and rolling a 600-sided die, but that's just for level 2; at level 3 it's 1.1025, and I'd feel silly rolling a 60000-sider.)

Proposal 2019/1: _Encheapening The Technologies_          : Yes
Proposal 2020/0: Waterspout Clarification                 : Shelve
I like the idea, but it seems really weird that a Waterspout might die for lack of water.  Please exclude the Waterspout from the potential die-off.

Proposal 2021/0: Fixing Cinquains                         : Shelve
It's not necessary to change the definition of a Cinquain, since the original text says the pattern can be repeated.  It's sufficient to say that the form bonus is multiplied by the number of times the pattern is used.  Much simpler, and the same text can then be applied to limericks.

But then, is a longer Cinquain necessarily a better Cinquain?

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