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[s-b] [auto] PlayerPersonman votes

PlayerPersonman's votes:
Proposal 2017/3: King For A Day, V.3                      : Yes
Proposal 2020/2: Waterspout Clarification                 : No
Proposal 2021/3: Fixing Cinquains                         : Yes
Proposal 2022/0: Dead Man Walking                         : Abstain
Proposal 2023/1: New Spells, v2                           : Abstain
Proposal 2024/0: Thinning the Deck: Coding                : Yes
Proposal 2025/0: Thinning the Deck: Hand Jobs             : Yes
Proposal 2026/1: Arena update                             : Abstain
Proposal 2027/1: Waterspout Clarification V2              : Abstain
Proposal 2028/0: Tomatoey Vengeance For All               : Yes
Proposal 2029/0: Generic Tools                            : Abstain
Proposal 2030/0: Card of DOOM! Clarification              : Yes
Proposal 2031/0: 7-card Stud                              : Abstain
Proposal 2032/1: Applied Research Remains                 : Abstain
Proposal 2033/0: Remanded to Upper House definition       : Abstain
Proposal 2034/1: Consolidation of Time                    : Abstain
Proposal 2035/0: The Knight - alright!                    : Yes
Proposal 2036/0: A few changes                            : Abstain
Proposal 2037/0: Justice System Reworking like Props      : Yes
More votes to come later when I have time to read them all. This is jsut to ensure i don't miss the deadline on the ones i know. 

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