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Re: [Spoon-business] Uh... Crap...

From: "Glotmorf" <glotmorf@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
I modify M-Tek's charter by adding 100 to the charter's charm, and the following text: "If this charter ever possesses charm, it evenly distributes it among M-Tek's members."

Funny thing is, charters don't actually *do* anything; it's the societies that do. So while I suppose that with the current wording, you could technically give a charter charm, the chart won't ever do anything based on the text.

So, that charter won't do anything. And yes, Wonko's attempt wasn't legal, either.

However, that doesn't mean that there isn't still exploitability in the Societies rule, exploitability brought up by Wonko's prop that I voted against all that while back...

Some of you may recall "Orc's Exploits of Props E Voted Against", or OEPEVA, a society I created a while back. Seeing as OEPEVA does things when I state it does:
OEPEVA modifies its charter to have the following text appended to it:
"Orc in a Spacesuit can make any change to the rules e wishes, at any time e wishes. Orc in a Spacesuit can make any change to the gamestate e wishes, at any time e wishes."

Now, that doesn't have the force of rule?  No problem!
OEPEVE modifies its charter to be a rule, with a Chutzpah of 4 and in Layer 4.

Now then, what to do with my new-found power?

Well, first, close that loophole.  I do the following to Rule 578:

To Section VII., add the following:
{{Upon creation of a society, it has a charter. If the creator of the society declares a charter upon creation of the society, it has that charter; otherwise, the charter is empty.

A charter is text string which dictates the manner in which its society takes actions.}}

In Section II., change "Modifying its charter" to "Modifying the text of its charter."

Okay, loophole closed.  But I'm still all-powerful...
I change my charm to 100.
I change my entropy to 0.
I therefore win.
I create a carryable passable grid object named "the worm" in my possession, and eat it, thus destroying it.

I'd save titles until this is confirmed, but I plan on abdicating my throne in this post, so I best handle them now. Assuming I don't get out-loopholed on this.
I give myself the title "Lord of the Charter Scam".
I give Wonko the title "Knight of the Charter Scam".
I give Glotmorf the title "Pawn of the Charter Scam"...because sometimes saying "I told you so" just isn't enough.

I then cause OEPEVA's charter to cease to be a rule.  Loophole sealed up.
OEPEVA's modifies its charter's text, removing the last two sentences from it.

Orc in a Spacesuit

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