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[Spoon-business] The Daily Recognizer (Tuesday morning)

A disclaimer: There's a bloody lot of stuff. I believe I've caught
everything mailed to the -business list, but to be honest I'm not
completely certain of this. If I've overlooked your vitally important
proosal or game action, let me know, or (preferably) just re-submit it.

If it involves Gnomes or the Force, as a couple of 'em did, I didn't
overlook it, just ignored it.

Is everyone back on spoon-business@xxxxxxxxx? If so, I'll make
bnomic-private not-a-public-forum-anymore.

Proposals :::

"Olive Trees" is 1040/0.
"Obsolete Reference Fix" is 1041/0.
"Repeal Rule 298!" is 1042/0.
"Spiffiness with Speeders" is 999/1.
"A limit on the power of Faith" is 1043/0.
"Been there, Done that, Bought the T-shirt" is 1044/0.
"Here now, don't start that again!" is 1045/0.
"Repeal Rule 753!" is 1046/0.
"Repeal Rule 817!" is 1047/0.
"Chads, Hanging and Otherwise" is 1048/0.
"The Power of Dave" is 1049/0, 1049/1 and darn funny.
"NomiCrack" is 1050/0 and a little creepy. (I'm not used to being a
character, much less an apparent hardass. Next time I'm in town, Squire,
we are gonna have a SERIOUS talk.)
"Just Gotta Flick This Lil' Switch..." is 1051/0.
"Hey, Why Can't We Just Start Over?" is 1052/0.

Non-Proposal Stuff That's Sorta Like Proposals:::

"Athena's Society" is created. Its charter number is 1039. It gets revised
a little bit later on.

Glotmorf's excessively verbose CFI is 1053, assigned to bd.

Grid Stuff :::

bd enters the Grid and buys an Airspeeder. E cannot become a Priest of
Eddie, lacking the proper materiel to invoke Eddie.

Aside: when I added bd to the Grid, I also added a couple of radar blips
for which I had not previously accounted.

The Voice buys an Airspeeder.

Orc cannot buy an Airspeeder (e's broke, thanks to Wonko). E does grab the
Shield, and a Sheep Gnome from the Grid.

Wonko, for no adequately explored reason, buys a score of speeders, and a
Pinball Gun. E then pings The Voice, invokes Apophis, and does mean evil
stuff to everyone else's Dimensions. (If it actually worked, that means
Wonko's Destruction is roughly 2640. Suffice it to say really BIG.)

The Economy :::

Wonko takes the first step in what will be a long and painful road towards
straightening out the stock market, by giving all eir player stock to the
respective issuers. Now all we need to do is get Mithrandir and bd to give
up their outrageously large sums of random stuff and we're set...

Wonko, in a gesture of supreme class, tries to give 10 points to BvS.
Unfortunately, as e drained all of eir own score into Destruction, this

Athena, bd, and The Voice each attempt to privatize their stocks. This
fails, as BvS still owned 1 share of just about everybody when they
attempted to do so.

BvS, later, sold all of the stocks e owned, but thanks to Wonko's
Destruction trick, they all sold at a price of nothin'. BvS' attempts to
privatize fail, as both Mithrandir and Orc owns zillions of shares of BvS.

Mithrandir Forfeits, after all that goes down. Eir stocks, having no other
specified disposition, presumably evaporate into nothingness. Eir money
goes to Wonko; most of eir other actions aren't permitted. (I'll let the
IOB slide, because it's sorta ambiguous anyway. The IOB goes to BvS.)

Orc is able to Privatize.

Squire cannot place 24 of eir shares up for sale, as e failed to name a
purchase price. BvS cannot buy them for the same reason.

Stuff That Fits Nowhere Else :::

Glotmorf toasts the departing Mithrandir. (E can't buy the Champagne,
because champagne isn't actually for sale. Nice symbolism, though.)

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