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spoon-business: proposal

{{ __Bowling for Nomics!__


CRASH!!!  "Yes!  I got another strike!"

The sound resounded throughout the Grid.  The players of B Nomic
dropped what they were doing...

(Which turned out rather funny: Bean and Glotmorf fell on eir faces, as they had been streaking to catch The Voice, who had the football. The Voice dropped the football, and quickly, realizing what he had done, snatched it back up again so as to not lose it. Wonko took the pause in the football game to count his points, and Baron von Skippy looked around with a confused look on his face, saying, "huh, what? what happened? why did... what are....... ohh... I'm confused..." Congenital Optimist ended up in a very painful-looking split after having frozen mid-air during a cheerleading routine. Uncle Psychosis, sitting in Limbo, almost choked on his pipe.)

...looked towards it to shockingly see a Gremlin over to the side of the Grid, jumping for joy.

The Voice, as per his name, was the first to speak up. "Who the hell are you? And what are you doing over there?"

"Me?  Haven't you heard?  I'm Pinhead!"


Create a new rule entitled __The Bowling Gremlin__ with the following PINHEAD delimited text:

There exists a Gremlin known as the Bowling Gremlin, also known as Pinhead. At the end of each nweek, Pinhead selects two random integers between zero and ten, inclusive. If the first number is ten, Pinhead selects two more random integers between zero and ten, inclusive. If the second original number is 10, Pinhead selects one more random integer between zero and ten, inclusive. A number of points equal to the sum of all the numbers picked by Pinhead multiplied by the number of players who made a proposal that nweek is then given to the Gremlin Fund, and then a number of points equal to the sum of all the numbers picked by Pinhead is given from the Gremlin Fund to each player who made a proposal during that nweek. If Pinhead chooses more than one zero, e goes into Hiding until after the next time e would choose two random numbers.


All the players then jumped for joy, as their pockets magically sagged with oodles of brand new, hot-off-the-presses points! All the players, except that is, for The Voice. E looked disappointed at first, but it quickly turned to realization as he remembered that e held the Immunity Idol. He yelled to Pinhead, "Hey, what about me?!?," as he held the Idol high in the air.

"Oh, yeah, I almost forgot," Pinhead shouted back.


Amend rule 293 by adding the following -0- delimited text to the end of the list, where -- is the first integer greater than the greatest used in the list:

--)May recieve points from Pinhead.


Just after Pinhead spoke, The Voice also felt eir pockets sag with with oodles of brand new, hot-off-the-presses points. E smiled. "Good luck next nweek!," e yelled.



-0- Thus Spake The Voice -0-
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