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Re: spoon-business: The Late Late Late Ballot For nweek 11

I guess I'd better get this sent off before someone CFJs it for being late...

Proposal 491/1: Keeping the ballot boxes safe for democracy (Bean) - YES, rating: 11
[Again, I'm all for people with lots of points spending all of them.]
Proposal 504/1: Death, Taxes... (The Administrator) - YES
Proposal 505/4: No, YOU Hide! (Wonko) - YES, rating: 12
Proposal 506/1: Removal of Cruft (Rob) - YES
Proposal 507/0: Roast the PIG (Rob) - YES
Proposal 508/1: Temperature (Rob) - NO
Proposal 509/0: Cinquains Suck (Rob) - NO
Proposal 510/0: Only running is boring IV: Bean f***ing hates the PIG. Die die die, you blasted thing (Bean) - YES
Proposal 511/1: Vote yes on this, it's a no-op (Bean) - NO
Proposal 512/0: Bean is SOOOO f***ing bitter (Bean) - NO
Proposal 513/0: Grandpa, that's Maggie (Bean) - YES
Proposal 514/0: Stop to think. (Uncle Psychosis) - YES
Proposal 515/2: Sirens and Cheerleaders (Congenital Optimist) - YES, rating: 7
Proposal 516/0: Miscellaneous Fixes (Congenital Optimist) - NO
Proposal 517/2: Notice how they do not so much fly as... plummet (Wonko) - YES
[Wonko: making the game more surreal since nyear 1...]
Proposal 518/0: Shear a Sheep to Sponge a Square (Wonko) - YES
[But wouldn't you get a wool sponge from a sheep?]
Proposal 519/0: And yet you are possessed. (Uncle Psychosis) - NO
Proposal 520/1: Exclusive doors. (Uncle Psychosis) - NO
Proposal 521/0: Making crazy sounds. (Uncle Psychosis) - NO
Proposal 522/0: A Santa that will never come. (Uncle Psychosis) - NO
Proposal 523/0: And his merry men, too! (The Voice) - YES
Proposal 524/1: If at First You Don't Succeed, Skydiving is Not For You (Baron von Skippy) - YES, rating: 15 [Well, of course I'm biased, but after all that effort, I think I deserve it...]
Proposal 525/2: The Curse of the Cinquain (Wonko) - NO
Proposal 527/0: proosal (Wild Card) - YES
Proposal 528/0: These are the Voyages of the DimShip Benomicant (Glotmorf) - YES, rating: 11
Proposal 529/0: Hey, Don't Let Me Stop You (Glotmorf) - YES
Proposal 530/0: Rearranging the Football Furniture (Glotmorf) - YES
Proposal 531/2: Back from Exile (Wonko) - YES
Proposal 532/0: Fixing Football (reprise) (Bean) - YES
Proposal 535/0: You Can't Have Footballing co-Color Commentators (Wild Card) - YES, rating: 7


The letters in
"To be or not to be: that is the question, whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune"
can be rearranged to spell
"In one of the Bard's best-thought-of tragedies, our insistent hero, Hamlet, queries on two fronts about how life turns rotten."

I don't think I want to play whoever came up with this in Scrabble...

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