Jonathan David Amery on 7 Apr 2002 23:04:37 -0000

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spoon-business: Proposal


 Entities may be members of societies.

 A society may either be created by the actions of rules, or
proposals, or as a result of explicit player action in accordance with
the rules. [[This rule defines no way for player action to do so]]

 A proposing entity is an entity with the power to make proposals
within the game.

 The internal structure of a society is freeform, restricted only be
the rules of the game.  However should a society have a publically
visible set of rules then the following restriction and allowences
apply to them:

 a) So long as at least three proposing entities are members then the
publicly visible rules of the society are binding upon its membership.

 b) The publically visible rules cannot prevent any member of the
society from leaving the society.  If no method of leaving the society
is defined in the publically visible rules, or if there are no such
rules, then a member may leave the society by announcing that they are
doing so on a public forum.

 Any society with no members is disbanded.  If it was rule mandated
then the rule that mandated it is repealed.