Donald Whytock on 11 Mar 2002 20:17:53 -0000

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spoon-business: Proposal: Identification Numbers

After careful examination of the rules, particularly r5, it appears that there is nothing that explicitly states the Administrator assigns identification numbers to objects.  He does indeed assign serial numbers, but a serial number is a combination of identification number and revision number; presumably the identification-number part of the serial numbers he has assigned he was obliged to create in order to give the objects unique serial numbers.

There is also nothing that says identification numbers have to be integers.

Therefore I declare that the identification number for this new proposal is 431.1, which should result in it being assigned serial number 431.1/0.

{{ _Piddling on the Fire of the Gods_

Append to the end of Rule 5 the following text:

Proposals, Rules and other objects requiring serial numbers, unless specified by the entities that create them, are assigned unique identification numbers that consist of the smallest integer that is larger than the largest identification number in use at the time of the object's creation.  Identification numbers for Calls for Judgment cannot be specified by the Players creating them.