Gavin Doig on 11 Mar 2002 18:56:20 -0000

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spoon-business: CFJ

This statement does not appear in any recognised CFJ.
Per rule 17, "Actions cannot occur unless they are recognized by the Administrator", and also "All recognitions and refusals of recognition must happen in the same chronological order as the Actions they respond to arrived in a Public Forum".

The admin failed to recognise (at least) the proosals incorrectly numbered 457 and 480 in the correct chronological order. Therefore, by the precedent established by, and the same logic as applied in, CFJ 280, no player actions have been recognised since then, and thus no player actions have taken place since then.

Since this CFJ can only exist as such if it has been recognised by the Admin, and it can't be, it does not exist.

[[I believe that if the admin were to issue "a massive version of the Daily Recognizer to re-recognize everything in proper sequence" then this problem would go away. Well, until the next time...]]
Baron von Skippy.

for the Reform Rule 17 Committee.

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