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spoon-business: Cleaning Up My Own Damn Mess

The following is my one proposal for this nweek, and hopefully it'll take
care of all the problems I've created lately.

{{ __Cleaning Up My Own Damn Mess

Nullify Rule 204 [[ Thou Shalt Not Screw With Time]]. Though the rule
shall still exist, it shall have no effect until reinstated.

Nullify Rule 261 [[ The PIG ]]. Though the rule shall still exist, it
shall have no effect until reinstated.

Rewrite history so that the identification numbers of all Rules,
Proposals, and CFJs are, in fact, as they appear on the B Nomic Web site.
[[ That cleans up the whole serial number mess. ]]

Add the phrase ", assigned by the Administrator." to the end of the first
sentence of Rule 5.

Add the sentence "Identification numbers shall be assigned in ascending
integral order." to the end of the first paragraph of Rule 5.

Remove the last sentence of the first paragraph of Rule 17.

Add the sentences "Though the Administrator shall strive to make all
recognitions and refusals thereof in chronological order, e is not bound
to do so. Recognitions may only occur in Public Fora." to the end of the
first paragraph of Rule 17. [[ This permits me to be human. I'm a big fan
of that. ]]

If the Proposal Ingesting Gremlin consumed any proposals in the last
three ndays, that proposal shall be reinstated as though the PIG were
in Hiding at the time it ate said proposal.

Replace the text of Rule 10 with the following:


All game entities and the Administrator must abide by all the Rules in
effect, in the form in which they are in effect. No Proposal may attempt
to temporarily circumvent the Rules. No Game Action may circumvent or
repress the Rules at any time. This Rule shall always take precedence over
all other Rules. No Proposal may modify this Rule unless said Proposal
receives a 2/3 or greater plurality of affirmative votes.


[[ When the above is created, the temporary suppression of Rules 204 and
261 shall immediately cease, as it becomes illegal. Also, makes it a bit
harder to try sneaky stuff like what I'm doing above. ]]

Give ten points to Glotmorf. Give The Administrator the Title "Glotmorf's
Personal Bitch" for a duration of one nday.


Recognized as 461/0.


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