Benjamin Bradley on 12 Jan 2001 13:48:34 -0000

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spoon-business: prop: c/rg and similarity fix

This should take care of compliance with the rule about Contests.
It also makes the list oat least three items in length.

<proposal title="C/RG-Contest fix">
Revise R336:"challenge/response games" as follows:

1. Add the following indented text at the beginning of the rule:
	A Challenge/Response Game (C/RG) is a Contest, governed by R338,
	unless otherwise noted here.
	These are the Contest Rules for Challenge/Response Games:
2. Change all instances of 'admin title' to 'Contestmaster title'
   Change all instances of 'Administrator' or 'Admin' to 'Contestmaster'
3. Change the last phrase of the rule from 'in public fora' to 'in any
public forum'.
4. To the end of the rule, append the following indented statements:
	Players do not need to publicly consent to inclusion in a C/RG (as
	per R338/Contests) to become Contestants of the Game, they only need
	to submit an answer to the Contestmaster as per the Contest Rules.
	The Prize for the C/RG is the points awarded to the winner of the

<proposal title="Similarity Game fix">
Revise R337:"Three of these things belong together" as follows:

1. Replace all instances of 'Administrator' or 'Admin' with
2. Directly under 'The Challenge will take the following form:', change 
	'The S.O. will describe a list of items.' to
	'The S.O. will publish a list containing at least three distinct

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