Joel Uckelman on Sun, 18 Jul 2004 23:32:40 -0500 (CDT)

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Re: [eia] just checking

Thus spake "J.J. Young":
> Here's a rules question which I think we already covered, but I forget =
> the answer:
> When using sea supply to provide reinforcements, does the fleet in port =
> providing the connection have to be in the port _supplying_ the =
> reinforcements (for instance, London for my present situation) or can =
> the fleet be in the _receiving_ port (for instance, Naples for me right =
> now) ?  I realize that rule says that the fleet must be in a =
> port which is a supply source, but the city of Naples is a valid British =
> supply source right now.  My understanding is that a fleet in Naples =
> would connect Naples and London for the sake of supply.  But is the same =
> true for reinforcements ?
> Also, I realize that having an ally's fleet in London makes this =
> question irrelevant for me this turn, but I'd still like to know the =
> answer.
> -JJY

The only rub I see is, which requires that the supply chain 
"start" in the home nation in order to send reinforcements. I take it from that the supply is supposed to flow from the end with the fleet, so 
I think that means you would need a fleet in Britain or Ireland to do this.


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