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Re: [eia] just checking

If Joel's interpretation is accepted one, and reinforcements can only be
made with a fleet at the home nation end, then the only country I see
affected by this (right now) is Spain.  Danny has depots in place in both
Cadiz and Tripoli, but with the fleets at the receiving end, reinforcements
could not be sent to Tripoli this month.


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> Thus spake "J.J. Young":
> > Here's a rules question which I think we already covered, but I forget =
> > the answer:
> >
> > When using sea supply to provide reinforcements, does the fleet in port
> > providing the connection have to be in the port _supplying_ the =
> > reinforcements (for instance, London for my present situation) or can =
> > the fleet be in the _receiving_ port (for instance, Naples for me right
> > now) ?  I realize that rule says that the fleet must be in a =
> > port which is a supply source, but the city of Naples is a valid British
> > supply source right now.  My understanding is that a fleet in Naples =
> > would connect Naples and London for the sake of supply.  But is the same
> > true for reinforcements ?
> >
> > Also, I realize that having an ally's fleet in London makes this =
> > question irrelevant for me this turn, but I'd still like to know the =
> > answer.
> >
> > -JJY
> The only rub I see is, which requires that the supply chain
> "start" in the home nation in order to send reinforcements. I take it from
> that the supply is supposed to flow from the end with the fleet,
> I think that means you would need a fleet in Britain or Ireland to do
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> J.
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