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Re: [eia] I still have a problem

I believe that we wrote down the countries we wished to combine with, and
revealed them simultaneously.  Of course, things were less complicated,
since we never had 7 players, and this revelation was separate from other
political steps, such as DoW, not on one big escrow.  But I think that's how
we did it.

So are we going with Joel's "maximum wishes fulfilled" theory, or Ragnar's
"closed set" theory ?  It certainly makes a big difference this turn.

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> > So how have you guys resolved this problem in your face to face games?
> > If you tell me that you ended up writing down whether or not you were
> > going to have simultaneous movement and then revealing it
> then I'll concede.  Otherwise, I'll prefer to use whatever method you
> > used to resolve this *problem*.
> >
>     I honestly don't recall.  JJ, do you remember how we did combined
> movement in our face-to-face games?  Of course, I'm not sure that what we
> did in face-to-face games should dictate what we do in online games, or
> what we did in the past was the right way to proceed.  But I'm still
> curious...  Do you remember, JJ?
> > I think the problems caused by the blind declaration outweigh the
> > Mike mentioned.
> >
>     Maybe I am not fully grasping the extent of the problems caused by
> declaration.  As far as I can tell the only problem with blind (escrow)
> declarations is the problem of coordination.  But that doesn't seem to me
> be a very weighty difficulty.  After all, how hard is it to send an email
> your allies?  So perhaps there is another consideration that I am
> forgetting.  If so, please remind me what it is.
> Thanks,
> kdh
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