Everett E. Proctor on 29 Mar 2003 01:22:01 -0000

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Re: [eia] NOT On to the Reinforcement Phase!

> >     Although Everett is right that the rules do not intend for the entire
> > political phase to be revealed all at once, that's the way we've been
> doing
> > things to speed up play.  I recall that France got screwed on this point
> > once as well.  (In the same month that Prussia and Spain declared war on
> > France, France declared Wurttemburg a free state.  I would not have done
> > that if I had known that I was about to be attacked by 2 other countries.)
> > So, having been forced to stick with my decision in the past, I'm not sure
> > it would be fair to let other countries go back and fix their political
> > orders now.  (However, if you are proposing a change in the way we do
> > political orders from now on, I'd be willing to consider that idea.)

No, we haven't.   We have been letting people go back and change the
political phase orders depending on what happened.

If people insist on this, then I must insist that Russia cannot take
control of Tripolitania.   After all, his political phase orders were "Russia declares combined movement with France
Nothing else" as opposed to the "depends" for the minor country control step that France sent out.  So by the logic you guys are using, Russia
already declared its non-intrest in taking control of minor countries.

And I, for one, will only send out step b. of the the political phase in
the escrow from now on with everything else being "pending".

Also, I would strongly recommend people not send out reinforcement or
other orders out of turn.  


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