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Re: [eia] [escrow] Political Phase, July 1805

Thus spake "Kyle H":
>     In that case, since no one is willing to sponsor Cyrenacia, it succumbs
> to Turkish control without a fight (and Turkey does NOT lose a political
> point for declaring war against it, as I asserted before).
>     Rule 4.6 indicates that Cyrenacia will be treated as if it has been
> newly conquered.  (4.6 ends by saying "See 10.2.1 for conquering minor
> neutral countries.")  If my understanding is correct, then that means that
> Cyrenacia will be considered conquered territory until such time as Turkey
> makes it a free state (if ever).  If Cyrenacia is made a free state, its
> army will begin at zero infantry, zero cavalry (just like all other newly
> conquered free states).  If anyone disagrees, please let me know.

Actually, that isn't how I read 4.6. When a minor gets no sponsor, the only 
effects are that its corps don't deploy, and the attacker loses no 
political points. That doesn't mean that the attacker automatically gets 
control---hence the cross-ref to 10.2.1. (If the attacker automatically got 
control, why would you need to look at 10.2.1?) In this case, I still need 
to occupy Benghazi for a month in order to conqueror Cyrenaica.


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