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Re: [eia] [escrow] Political Phase, July 1805

    In that case, since no one is willing to sponsor Cyrenacia, it succumbs
to Turkish control without a fight (and Turkey does NOT lose a political
point for declaring war against it, as I asserted before).
    Rule 4.6 indicates that Cyrenacia will be treated as if it has been
newly conquered.  (4.6 ends by saying "See 10.2.1 for conquering minor
neutral countries.")  If my understanding is correct, then that means that
Cyrenacia will be considered conquered territory until such time as Turkey
makes it a free state (if ever).  If Cyrenacia is made a free state, its
army will begin at zero infantry, zero cavalry (just like all other newly
conquered free states).  If anyone disagrees, please let me know.
    In any case, we are now able to move on to the Reinforcement Phase.
(Don't forget that this is a MILITIA month: all newly purchased militia
factors must be placed this month.)  Spain is up first, followed by
GB(land)/France(naval), Prussia, Austria, Turkey, Russia, and
    At this time, France announces that it will take no action during naval


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>       Prussia sees no advantage to sponsering Cyrenaica and therefore
> declines.

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