Michael Gorman on 31 Jul 2002 03:38:19 -0000

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[eia] Zones of diagreement

Kyle, we are so far from each other in how to read the rules. It's hard to even know where to begin talking about it.

I think what might be the most basic disagreement is the completeness of the rules. From what I saw in your big post, the one JJ wasn't supposed to read, but he probably should because it's a good post, you are seeing the rules as not covering all situations and thus there is a need to define a situation the rules leave nebulous. My view is that the rules are a complete and playable set that do not have any situations they fail to cover. At least none that we've come up with so far. I think this is perhaps our largest disagreement. I'm not trying to present a way to stretch the rules to cover something they failed to adequately define. I think they covered everything just fine. I don't see JJ's proposal for the port depots to be necessary to fix a problem in the rules. I just don't think it will hurt anything and it seems reasonable so I'm perfectly willing to support it.

The other one that looks to be causing problems is when attacks are declared. I understand you to be putting attack declarations within the movement phase and the responses to attack declarations as well. I do not believe this is correct. I put all responses that precede a battle in the combat phase. Thus, the decision to retire into the city is explicitly after all supply decisions, rolls, expenses and losses have already been completed. This is where my problems with the split forage orders derives from. To me, the forage rolls can't wait until after the decision to retire without completely restructuring the supply phase. Therefore, placing the rolls after the decision to retire, has muddied the movement and combat phases which I do not see as overlapping under any normal movement situations.

	I think most of our other disagreements derive from these two issues.

At this point I'm not sure what course to take to actually resolve the disagreements, but I think those two are the core.


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