Michael Gorman on 30 Jul 2002 16:21:02 -0000

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[eia] Modifying Rules

This is the calmer post I probably should have written last night, but, I wasn't in a calm and friendly mood then.

Well Kyle is putting a great deal of effort into finding a rule that makes sense to him, and I respect wanting the rules to make sense. What we are seeing is that the rules for EinA are a fairly complex structure that isn't easy to modify beyond the most minor things. JJ found a little thing that changes one small part of the depot placement rules but is small enough that it can stand up without rippling all over the place. Kyle is being much more ambitious and trying to make a major restructuring of large portions of the movement rules. While it isn't necessarily a bad thing to try to do, it is a pretty damn hard to pull it off without having to rewrite the entirety of movement and the initial parts of the combat rules. The reason I keep finding problems is that the rules for how you get to a place where combat will occur have a great deal of influence on how combat works. It's not going to be an easy task to consider all the fallout from any given rules change if it has anything resembling a broad scope. Therefore. once that proposal is released into the wilds of the email list, each of us is going to look at how it would alter our battle plans and run it through all sorts of possible situations. There's a good chance that it's going to have problems on the first few passes. I expect the pile of exceptions to the general rules of both movement and combat are results of people pointing out odd situation after odd situation until the guys writing the rules gave up and wrote them in as exceptions.

Right now, this discussion has caused me to have to tear into the rules to the point that they are starting to make sense to me and new rules suggestions are seen in the light of something unnecessary. Therefore, if I don't see a big gain over what we already have, I'm more likely to tear them apart than give them a big thumbs up. Kyle, if you want to try to come up with proposals for an interpretation or a rewrite or whatever, go ahead. It's at the very least the sort of exercise that will make us figure the rules out. But I'd be impressed if anyone could make a rewrite of major portions of the movement, combat or supply rules without the first several stabs at it rippling into unexpected areas and causing objections.


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