Kyle H on 29 Jul 2002 04:18:03 -0000

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Re: [eia] two rules interpretation questions

> I think the revealing forces rule is vague, because I think *by the
> rules*, that corp strengths, i.e. the national cards, are supposed to
> be public knowledge.  I think the only thing that isn't public knowledge
> is which corp is where.
> Read 2.4.2.     The fleet counters have designations on the front, "and
> so its designation *and* exact strength should *always* be known to
> *all* players.
> The only way makes sense is if every player's national card is public
> knowledge.

    That's very interesting...  I never made note of that wording before.
We have always just assumed that all the national card information is
private.  But, because of that policy, the question of accountability has
always loomed large (in the back of my mind, anyway).  Apparently, the
authors of the game intended all this information to be public as a way of
ensuring accountability.
    But as you said, Everett, I think the fog of war is worth maintaining if
we all agree to trust one another to play a fair game.  And I for one have
no difficulty with that.


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