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Re: [eia] two rules interpretation questions

Thus spake "Everett E. Proctor":
> >     Question 1:  uninterrupted occupation.  The rules for conquest of a min
> or country (7.7) say that conquest occurs "only if the capital of the minor c
> ountry was occupied during the previous Turn and the conqueror has mantained 
> uninterrupted and unbesieged occupation for the entire current Turn."  So, le
> t's say that a corps had occupied a capital the month before, but this month 
> it is to be relieved by a different corps.  Must the corps in relief show up 
> *prior* to the departure of the occupying corps in order to maintain uninterr
> upted occupation?  Or can the conquering corps leave first and the relieving 
> corps show up later in the same Land Phase?  (This matters because of foragin
> g rolls.)
> Hmmm . . . not sure. 

If you move the only corps out of an occupied capital, and then move a corps
in, there's been a period during your turn in which the capital wasn't
occupied. That would interrupt your occupation. If this counts as
"uninterrupted" occupation, what constitutes the "interrupted" occupation that
this rule bars from being sufficient for conquest? I can't think of anything
plausible, so I'm inclined to say the relief corps must arrive before the
relieved corps leaves in order for conquest to occur.

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