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[eia] foraging, sieges, and unused movement

    Well, on the one hand, I think the rules as they are written allow
people to hear whether a force will retire into the city before deciding how
to supply incoming corps.  (After all, the rules as they are written allow
corps to continue moving if corps retire into the city.  If Mike's reasoning
were correct, then this would be impossible.)  However, on the other hand, I
do agree with the gist of Mike's comment as far as our House Rules are
concerned.  Recall that we instituted a House Rule that was intended to cut
down on the number of emails that would be needed during each land phase.
We said that corps entering a city space containing an enemy corps would
have to stop, regardless of the defending corps's decision to retire or not.
So, to wait for confirmation of retirement before announcing supply
decisions would be to violate the spirit and the purpose of that house rule.
    There is an alternative, though.  We could just keep Joel's orders and
his forage rolls intact and assume that his corps are simply not laying
siege this turn.  (The siege rules give you the option of not making siege
attempts.)  That would allow him to use his unused movement for forage.  In
fact, I think we should adopt this as a general policy:  if a corps moves
into a city space containing an enemy corps and decides to use their unused
movement for forage, then the attacking corps will be unable to lay siege
during that turn.  (Of course, since there was no such policy in effect when
Joel wrote his orders, he should have the right to revise them if he


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> At 11:33 PM 7/23/2002 -0400, you wrote:
> >The Egyptian corps in Cairo withdraws into the city.  If the two Turkish
> >corps choose to lay seige, this means that they cannot modify their
> >rolls with unused movement points (  So the rolls would be 3-
> >(4-1 corps already there) for the first corps to move in, and 2- (4 - 2
> >corps already there) for the second corps to move in.
> >
> >Joel, since you didn't realize this when making out your orders, it's OK
> >with me if you want to modify the orders, and/or a reroll for the forage
> >probably in order for the I corps in Egypt that already rolled (rather
> >that corps simply losing one more factor), unless you prefer to stick
> >the original roll of 5.
> >
> >-JJY
>          I'm not sure that is correct.  The decision to retire into the
> city is not made until an attack is declared.  Attacks are not declared
> until the end of the movement phase, 7.5.1.  By then, all supply rolls
> already been made.
>          I looked this over when I was planning my move as I wanted a way
> to get to the corps in Nicopolis while it was alone.  But it seemed pretty
> clear that I could not consider the corps at Ruschuk under siege until the
> end of all of my movement.  In that case, the rules for using movement
> points when sieging would only apply in the turns following the beginning
> of the siege.  Otherwise, you'd have to redo the supply for several units
> after all movement was complete, and that doesn't follow the general
> rules that each unit is supplied as it finishes movement.
> Mike
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