Michael Gorman on 24 Jul 2002 20:27:03 -0000

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Re: [eia] foraging, sieges, and unused movement

    There is an alternative, though.  We could just keep Joel's orders and
his forage rolls intact and assume that his corps are simply not laying
siege this turn.  (The siege rules give you the option of not making siege
attempts.)  That would allow him to use his unused movement for forage.  In
fact, I think we should adopt this as a general policy:  if a corps moves
into a city space containing an enemy corps and decides to use their unused
movement for forage, then the attacking corps will be unable to lay siege
during that turn.  (Of course, since there was no such policy in effect when
Joel wrote his orders, he should have the right to revise them if he

I think this actually makes the rules fit. 7.5.4 talks about sieges following field battles and allows that forces in the field battle could have chosen to not use movement points for their forage rolls so that they would be able to lay siege to a city. This could be extended to a general statement that when you enter an area you decide if your forces are going to be ready to lay siege to a city or if they will only be ready for field actions. At that point it no longer matters when an attack is declared for supply purposes, the force is prepared to lay siege or it is not prepared to lay siege. The big reason I want a reading that does not allow attack declarations until after movement is to prevent blitzkrieg moves. Looking at the Turkish defense strategy thus far, Joel has been setting up a screen of expendable corps to keep Russia moving slowly and force me to spread my corps out into lots of garrisons. That should be something you can do. If attack declarations occur within movement, then I could have a corps attack a point in the screen and force Joel to either fight a field battle or allow units moving on the same turn to all run right by his corps that fell back into the city. We have a house rule to stop this, but I don't think the rules are supposed to allow you to get away with this in the first place.


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