Michael Gorman on 10 Jul 2002 04:23:03 -0000

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[eia] New Russian Land Phase

Little enough of the Russian land phase remains unchanged that I'll just issue a new set of orders.

Depot Creation/Removal: None
1I corps moves from south of Ismail to Galatz ($4)
1I corps moves from South of Ismail to Bucharest, drops off a 5I Garrison and continues to Silistra. ($2)
The remaining corps south of Ismail and Kutusov proceed to Silistra. ($4)
The Cossack at Galatz moves to Silistra
The Cossack in Anatolia follows the coast five spaces to end at the eastern side of the Constantinople sea crossing arrow
The remaining three corps hold ($3)

Total Cost: $13

Only one battle possibility this time around.


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