Michael Gorman on 9 Jul 2002 07:03:04 -0000

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[eia] Russian Land Phase

Well, the flurry of activity seems to have cleared the way for the Russian Land Phase.

Depot Creation: Galatz and the space between Silistra and Ismail ($2)

1I corps south of Ismail drops a 1pt garrison to the depot, moves up to Galatz and drops a point garrison and then moves two spaces down to Silistra. ($2)
The Cavalry corps south of Ismail moves to Silistra ($2)
The remaining two infantry corps and Kutusov moves through Bucharest and drop a five point garrison and then down to Ruschuk ($8)
The Cossack factor at Galatz moves down to Ruschuk
The Cossack factor in Anatolia follows the coast of the Black Sea for five spaces and ends up on the east side of the crossing arrow into Constantinople.
1I corps holds at Tiflis ($1)
2I corps hold at Riga ($2)

Total cost: $17

I'll need the Turkish decisions on whether to fight in the open or retire into the city at Ruschuk and Silistra.


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