Joel Uckelman on 10 Jul 2002 05:43:04 -0000

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Re: [eia] New Russian Land Phase

Thus spake Michael Gorman:
> Little enough of the Russian land phase remains unchanged that I'll just 
> issue a new set of orders.
> Depot Creation/Removal: None
> 1I corps moves from south of Ismail to Galatz ($4)
> 1I corps moves from South of Ismail to Bucharest, drops off a 5I Garrison 
> and continues to Silistra.  ($2)
> The remaining corps south of Ismail and Kutusov proceed to Silistra. ($4)
> The Cossack at Galatz moves to Silistra
> The Cossack in Anatolia follows the coast five spaces to end at the eastern 
> side of the Constantinople sea crossing arrow
> The remaining three corps hold ($3)
> Total Cost: $13
> Only one battle possibility this time around.
> Mike

Most likely the corps at Silistra will be holing up in the city, but I need to be getting to bed, so I'll handle the details in the morning.


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